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Lineox Enterprise Linux Desktop

Instructions how to get highly Red Hat Desktop compatible Linux now and for free

Red Hat announced 4. May 2004 a new Red Hat Linux version aimed for desktop use and it was made available 15. May. According to the information provided by Red Hat on pages Red Hat Enterprise Linux Features and Benefits and Red Hat Desktop, Red Hat Desktop is only a version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 with some program packages removed and some added. Even if Red Hat doesn't mention it, Red Hat Desktop includes also all the updates published for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 up to Update 2 (a largish batch of updated packages, released 12. May for other Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 products).

So to get highly Red Hat Desktop compatible Linux now and for free, you should first download Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0, register to Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 update service and install all the available updates or to save time, download the latest Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux (not a free download) and skip the update phase. Next you may want to remove the program packages which are not in Red Hat Desktop and then download and install the packages that are added to Red Hat Desktop.

Introduction to Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0

Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 contains all freely distributable packages from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 Advanced Server ($1499), Red Hat Cluster Suite ($499), and Red Hat Developer Suite. Lineox Enterprise Linux is NOT affiliated with, produced, maintained or supported by Red Hat, Inc. in any way. As preferred package management system, Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 utilizes apt-get, which resolves package dependencies automatically. Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 users can use apt-get to get security and feature updates from and other Internet sites. Graphical front-end to apt-get, synaptic, is also included.

See Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 product page for more information.

Introduction to Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux

Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux is a download only version of Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 which is constantly updated and contains only current versions of program packages. This means that there is no instant need to download and update the system after installation and the system is secure right from the start.

Support for Lineox Enterprise Linux

Lineox provides updated packages for Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 with an automated system which offers new packages usually in less than 12 hours after Red Hat has published security, feature enhancement or bug fix packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0. Red Hat has promised updates for 5 years after the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0, which means Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 can have updates up to Oct 31, 2008 (full support to Apr 30, 2006).

Currently Lineox offers updates for free, but during fall 2004 the service will become fee based and the exact pricing options will be announced later this month. For example, enterprise level support license with local mirror apt repository for 50 to 99 systems will cost 3 € per system for one year. Single licenses start from 15 € per year.

Removed program packages

You should remove the following server or server related software packages: amanda-server, arptables_jf, bind, caching-nameserver, dhcp, freeradius, inews, inn, krb5-server, netdump-server, openldap-servers, pxe, quagga, radvd, rarpd, redhat-config-bind, redhat-config-netboot, tftp-server, tux, vsftpd, and ypserv to be more fully compatible with Red Hat Desktop, but you are of course free to keep them.

Added complaints

To be even more compatible with Red Hat Desktop, you should edit the file /var/lib/supportinfo and change it's contents to the following:
Variant: DT
MinRAM: 256 MB
MaxRAM: 2048 MB
MaxCPU: 1		
This may cause 10 seconds delay during the start up and displays an error message complaining that you have too little or too much memory or too many CPUs.

In Always Current Lineox Enterprise Linux the same file has the following content:

Variant: AS
MinRAM: 128 MB

Added program packages

According to the page Red Hat Desktop Red Hat Desktop includes the following added programs:

  • Agfa Monotype fonts
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader and plugin
  • Macromedia Flash plugin
  • Java (IBM and BEA) and plugin (IBM)
  • Citrix ICA Client
  • Real Player
  • All these except Agfa Monotype fonts are available as free downloads, but some of them require registration. Evolution, 1.1, Mozilla, and GAIM are open source programs and they are included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 and Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0.

    Agfa Monotype fonts

    Agfa Monotype fonts are not available as free download. Instead you can install Microsoft's TrueType core fonts to enhance the quality of your fonts. The installation process is detailed on page

    Adobe Acrobat Reader and plugin

    The latest version of Acrobat Reader for Linux is 5.0.9 and it can be downloaded from Adobe as gzipped tar package. Much easier way is to use apt and get it from DAG RHEL 3 repository. An older version of Acrobat Reader is also included on the Lineox Enterprise Linux 3.0 DVD-ROM, but not as a part of the base distribution installation. Note that version 5.0.6 and older versions have a security vulnerability.

    Macromedia Flash Player 6 for x86 Linux

    You can find mirror list at Choose the one nearest to you and click at the the rpm version compiled for RHEL 3.0.

    Java (IBM and BEA) and plugin (IBM)

    You can download IBM Developer Kit for Linux, Java 2 Technology Edition (requires registration) from IBM. Apparently redistribution is prohibited because IBM wants to collect registrations. WebLogic JRockit 1.4.2 SDK must be downloaded from BEA and it also requires registration.

    Citrix ICA Client

    You can download Citrix ICA Client from Citrix as an rpm package.

    Real Player

    To get free UNIX/Linux RealPlayer you have to fill in the registration form. On the same page there is also a link to a free RealVideo 9 codec upgrade.


    We have not bought Red Hat Desktop, so all we have is the information provided by Red Hat on their web site. We have tried to be as accurate as possible, but if you notice any errors or omissions, please send us email.

    "Red Hat" is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. "Linux" is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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